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River Arga: Section of La Magdalena

The path in the section of La Magdalena

Larraintzar - Bridge of La Magdalena

Following the course of the river, this is the first stretch of the Park. It consists of an entire meander and ends at the Bridge of La Magdalena.

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Canoeing school. Old Mill of Caparroso

The current Municipal Canoeing School, in the old Mill of Caparroso, consists of two separate areas. The ground floor houses the canoe storerooms, maintenance areas and access to the pier, respecting the ruins still remaining, which are protected in the Municipal Catalogue.

Above the walls of the old Mill stands a new building approximately 10 metres above the banks of the River Arga. It houses a bar-café and changing rooms, and there is a glazed patio over the remaining mill channel.

An interior stairway leads to the ground floor and another to the second and third floors of the tower, which contain the offices and conference rooms, respectively.

The building has a channel of “white water” about 110 metres long for canoeing.

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