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Natural vegetation on the banks and in the meadows of the River Arga has been reduced to lines of riverside trees (elm, alder, poplar, willow, ash, maple, etc.), crack willow and brambles, between 2 and 5 metres wide.

Relatively large, agricultural areas given over to market gardens (Magdalena, Aranzadi) or dry crops (Berichitos), can still be found, lending diversity to the landscape. Other areas near to the river in more urban areas have been turned into parks.

The aim was to maintain a minimum 10-15-metre wide border on each bank for reconversion, wherever possible, into floodable gallery woodland.

The meadows along the River Arga in Pamplona were basically home to reforestation poplars, fast-growing species, planted for wood and poorly suited to the conditions of the riverbanks. Long-living, autochthonous species have been used to replace these species.

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