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The Action Plan

The Action Plan

The Riverside Park is the result of several decades devoted to environmental recuperation, thanks in part to funding from the European Community.

The Plan

The Action Plan catered for the recuperation of the riverbeds and riverbanks by clearing underbrush and sanitation work, and the creation of a long, uninterrupted, natural path for walkers and cyclists peppered with new parks, footbridges, quays and restored mills.


Over history, population growth and industrial development had polluted Pamplona’s riverbeds. The population had avoided this deteriorated natural environment and ignored its rivers.

With the creation of the 1984 General Plan, Pamplona considered recovering this natural habitat as a priority objective, integrating the river environment of the Arga into the city, not just as a public leisure area, but as a means of boosting rational, sustainable urban planning.

Such integration has not really been realised until recently with the performance of work belonging to the first phase of the Integral Plan for the Arga (1998-2001), which catered for the creation of a 11-km. long, linear park to enhance the natural virtues of the Arga and its environment, integrating it into the urban structure of the city and harnessing a rich assortment of urban and natural resources into a single entity.

Not only did the new Municipal Plan cover this river environment; it completed it with the Riverside Parks of the Rivers Elorz and Sadar, which are approximately 6.5-km long, which meant implementing the second phase of the Integral Plan for the River Arga and the Rivers Sadar and Elorz (2003-2009).

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