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River Arga: Aranzadi Section

The path in the Aranzadi section

Bridge of La Magdalena - Bridge of San Pedro

The landscape in this section of the Park is more urban and further away from the city walls.

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Aranzadi Market Gardens

Beneath the Gateway of France, the northern entrance to the walled city, the River Arga describes a meander which contains one of the most special spots in Pamplona. It is currently an agricultural area, but is set to become the second large green area in Pamplona, with a surface area of 209,312 m2. Alday-Jover is the team of architects that won the International Ideas Competition organised by the Urban Planning Office in May 2008. The project consists of widening the outer margin so that it has at least two rows of trees and a footpath to make it accessible. The market gardens will combine their productive nature, traditional in the area, with teaching and social functions, the latter by means of a restaurant. The three most useful sets of buildings will be preserved: Casa Irujo, which will remain a Municipal School-Workshop, Casa de los Beroiz, which will be converted into a research and development centre for the vegetables grown in the Aranzadi market gardens, and the "house in plot 1595", which will house a restaurant serving typical produce from Aranzadi. A further objective of the project is to improve communication between the meander and the surrounding residential districts.

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