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River Arga: Aranzadi Section

The path in the Aranzadi section

Bridge of La Magdalena - Bridge of San Pedro

The landscape in this section of the Park is more urban and further away from the city walls.

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Dam of San Pedro

This is a stone-and-wood dam built in the Middle Ages and used to measure one hundred metres long by two high. It burst in 1986 and has fallen into disrepair since then. The dam fed a mill flume, which is crossed by the Bridge of Errotazar (‘mill’ in Basque) on the Camino de los Enamorados (Sweethearts Path). According to Arazuri, the flume was first constructed for the Gunpowder Mill (until 1755), then used by the Paper Mill (until 1816) and finally the ‘La Talavera’ porcelain factory. The mill was also used by the washerwomen of the Rochapea district, who took up position on the right-hand bank of the Arga.

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