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The priority objective of the entire programme of intervention consists of integrating these river environments into the city’s urban structure, maintaining and enhancing their natural values, correcting existing impact and improving their operation at times of peak water flow.

This general objective can be broken down into:

  • Recuperating parts of the city located within these river environments, which have now deteriorated in terms of environmental conditions and use, being occupied by industry or other activities which generate significant environmental impact.
  • Achieving accessibility to all of the rivers’ banks, or at least creating a continuous, linear route for each river by crossing from one side to the other.
  • Favouring the natural evolution of river environments so that their characteristic ecosystems may flourish, creating natural corridors within a chiefly urban environment.
  • Securing river courses via low-impact intervention, allowing for a wide range of uses and a high-quality landscape.
  • Defining the most suitable treatment and uses for the riverbed, banks and areas of influence so as to allow for sufficient flow when the rivers swell in order minimise the effects of flooding.

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