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River Arga: San Jorge Section

The path in the San Jorge section

Bridge of Cuatro Vientos - Bridge of Miluce

The last section of the Park, the river narrows at this point and wanders off into a peaceful landscape of trees and silence.

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Bridge of Miluce

This is the city’s westernmost bridge and also the one furthest away from the city centre. It can dated back to the Middle Ages and even the Roman epoch, although it underwent rebuilding work in the XIX century. It would appear to have been destroyed during the War of Independence to prevent troops from crossing the river. The strangest thing about this bridge is where it got its name from. Tradition, probably more literary than real, has it that the name Miluce comes from a tragic event which took place there: in April 1351, a group of knights were hanged for opposing King Carlos II The Bad, before whom, and on the very bridge, they had refused to pay taxes, according to one version, or complained about how they were treated by the monarch's delegates, according to another. The King, angered at their words, ordered that they be executed on the spot. They were hanged from the spans and the bridge took its name from the ‘long tongues’ (‘mihi luze’ in Basque) resulting from hanging. According to another, more likely explanation, the name of the bridge comes from the Basque place name ‘amil luze’, which can be translated as ‘long precipice’. The term Miluce was probably used prior to the date of the morbid execution.

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