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River Arga: San Jorge Section

The path in the San Jorge section

Bridge of Cuatro Vientos - Bridge of Miluce

The last section of the Park, the river narrows at this point and wanders off into a peaceful landscape of trees and silence.

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San Jorge Footbridge

A footbridge has recently been built halfway between the Bridges of Miluce and San Jorge to directly link up the district of San Jorge with the paths on the left-hand bank which lead to the San Jorge Sports Complex.

This footbridge has a markedly sculptural appearance thanks mainly to the material used to build it and its curved design. The bridge is supported by two parallel box girders made of weathering steel which are in full view. The 110-metre long bridge consists of two gentle circular curves with different radiuses and lengths which rest on the central support on the stone cutwater.

The pavement leading to the bridge is made of calcarenite, similar to the stone used on the Bridge of Miluce, while the actual walkway of the bridge is made of tropical ipe wood.

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