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River Arga: Rochapea Section

The path in the Rochapea section

Bridge of San Pedro - Bridge of Cuatro Vientos

This section of the Arga once again approaches the foot of the Historical Quarter, parallel to Paseo de Ronda, from which one of the most beautiful views of the city can be admired.

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The Park of Runa II

The Park of Runa, between the Bridge of El Vergel and the Bridge of Curtidores, has a surface area of 55,000 m2. Located between the Rochapea district and Aranzadi, the Park acts as a flood plane when the river bears too much water and, therefore, serves as a natural check against flooding. The first stage of work was completed in spring 2008 in order to prepare the land for the installation of the San Fermin fair enclosure, fitting the installations and paths required for this purpose. In the second phase, which was completed recently, work was performed on the lower terrace between the mill channel and the River Arga, affecting 23,500 m2 of land, planting autochthonous riverbank vegetation on a grass meadow with a built-in automatic watering system. The existing paths and tracks were also consolidated, both on the banks of the river and those of the channel, and the area of the old mill was adapted. To join the lower terrace with the upper one, a 12-metre long, 5-metre wide footbridge with a steel structure and finished in wood and stainless steel was built. Finally, the park was completed with five picnic tables, a 225-m2 children’s play area, an off-leash area, 61 benches, two bicycle racks, drinking fountains, litter bins, etc.

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