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Verification of accessibility

The following feature among the main measures taken:


The aim has always been to achieve simple, intuitive navigation throughout the Web site, applying the same structure to all of its pages.

Shortcut keys

The site’s shortcut keys or hotkeys are key combinations which make it possible to access content on the Web site directly without using a mouse.

Shortcuts are activated differently depending on operating system and browser. The most common of these are:

  • On Windows systems with Internet Explorer browsers, type in: ALT + SHORTCUT + ENTER
  • On Windows systems with Mozilla browsers, type in: ALT + SHORTCUT
  • On Windows systems with Firefox 2.0: ALT + SHIFT + SHORTCUT
  • On MAC systems, the key sequence is: CTRL + SHORTCUT

You can browse through this Web site using the following shortcuts:

  • 0 -> Shortcut to home page
  • 1 -> Shortcut to "Introduction"
  • 2 -> Shortcut to "The River Arga"
  • 3 -> Shortcut to "The River Elorz and River Sadar"
  • 4 -> Shortcut to "The Landscape"
  • 5 -> Shortcut to "Species of vegetation"
  • 6 -> Shortcut to "Animal species"
  • 7 -> Shortcut to "The surrounding area"
  • 8 -> Shortcut to "Pilgrims’ Road to Santiago"
  • 9 -> Shortcut to "Action plan"
  • B -> Shortcut to "Accessibility"
  • M -> Shortcut to "Site map"
  • U -> Shortcut to "Contact"
  • L -> Spanish.
  • K -> Euskera.

Note: Shortcuts are not available for Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror, Omniweb, Safari (lower than 1.2), Opera Windows/Linux (lower than 7.0).


Those links which require description contain one via the “title” attribute, which clearly indicates the destination of the link.

Links to JavaScript functions have been avoided insofar as possible.

Visual design

This Web site uses cascade style sheets (CSS) to present information, making access and correct display easier in different environments.


All of the images contain a brief description via "alt", "longdesc" or "title".

Those images used purely for decorative purposes have empty description texts.


Relative font sizes which can be set by the user him/herself have been used to make it easier to read the content of the Web site.

To make the sizes of the letters larger or smaller, proceed as follows:

  • On most browsers, select the "View" menu.
  • Go to "Font size".
  • Mark the desired option.

Level of accessibility

All of the pages are XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 1.0 valid and accessibility has been analysed using TAW, achieving level AA.

The correct display of this Web site has been checked with different versions of the main browsers on the market (Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher, Mozilla, Opera).

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